We have all seen them, as you go about your travels on the internet.. “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED!!! CLICK HERE TO SCAN” and the like saying there is something wrong with your performance of your computer. These are the computer versions of the “You are the 1,000,000th customer” ad that pulls you in and either is a phishing scam or gets you to download software onto your PC.

Malwarebytes wrote an article where they call a tech support company and get them to ‘check’ their mac for viruses. The article is quite entertaining as long as your not the person being tricked by these scammers. Unfortunately, these low-life’s trick people all the time into thinking you need their help and get you to give them your credit card information and its all done. I am not going to re-iterate the article, you can see the article here.

They are also compiling a list of known scammers which you can see that and their “Tech Support Scams” known tricks list here

I can vouch for my integrity and services that although I do use teamviewer like 1000’s of other legitimate techs, and I will look at your event viewer if I need to further diagnose a serious problem, these tricks listed in the link above are downright dirty and are meant to take advantage of people who do not know better.

The actual descriptions of these tricks are pretty much spot on so please read them and equip yourself with some IT knowledge just in case you run into some of these dirty goons!

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